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Getting your kitchen ready for your quartz worktop

Once you have been to our showrooms at McGruder's Cross in Slane and you have received a quotation from our experienced sales team it is time to start getting your worktop project turned into a reality.  If you are satisfied with the quotation, we have provided you, then let us know by email and we will get our Survey Co-ordinator to call you with a suitable time for your templating appointment.

There are a few things that are crucial for a smooth and quick templating experience.  If you have all the things discussed below then the templating should only take an hour. 

Does the decision maker need to be there during the templating appointment?

Yes, we need you, the decision maker, to be available onsite for the templating appointment. This appointment is a crucial part of the process, much like getting a fitting for a wedding dress or a suit.  Our surveyor will run through everything with you on the day of templating including joint positions, overhangs, colours and positions of appliances. Our templating appointments can take 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity, so we require you to be available for the duration of the appointment. If you cannot be onsite, then you need to arrange a suitable substitute, who is over 18 years of age and they will need to know all the details of the kitchen and be available to make decisions and be able to sign for templating.  However, this is like sending someone else to your dress fitting.  Your kitchen worktop is going to be with you for many years and we strongly recommend you make the time to be available.

Is there easy access to parking for our surveyor’s van?

Our surveyor will need parking available onsite for our vans and if a parking permit is required it is helpful that this is available before their arrival.  Every little detail means an easier templating experience.

Is your kitchen ready for templating?

We like to be well ahead of the opposition here at Granite Tops and we use the latest in digital templating technology. Our preferred product is the Prodim Proliner Digital Measuring system, this allows for complete accuracy when our team comes to measures your project.

Have you got your sink and taps, your hob and extractor in place?

To get the job done quickly and efficiently we ask you to ensure that all sinks, hobs, pop up plugs, pop up extractors and taps are onsite and available for our surveyor.

You will need to know the final positions of these appliances. Please ensure that sink templates, make and model are given to the surveyor on the day.

If you are fitting a Belfast sink, this will need to be in its final position. For a ceramic undermounted sink, this will need to be cradled in position (loosely to allow movement) prior to templating.

Are the walls finished?

Plastering should be done before templating, if this is done afterwards the worktops will not fit. However, tiling, Glass Splashbacks and decorating will need to be done after the installation of your worktops has been completed. Scuffs and nicks are sometimes unavoidable in this industry due to the weight and the manoeuvring of the worktops, but these can be cleaned up and sorted out after all the work is complete.

Are all your kitchen units fixed and ready for the new worktop?

All base units must be fixed together, secured to the wall and level in their final position for templating and island units need to be built and secure. If they are not ready, we will not be able to measure accurately. Also, the units must be level, so this should be checked by using a 2-meter-long spirit level, ensuring the full span of kitchen units and batons are level. If you have not checked the level, we will not be able to template, and we will have to make a new appointment and we may have to charge an additional call-out fee.

Are all your appliances in position and level?

All appliances such as range cookers, ovens and washing machines need to be in position before templating.

This includes all end panels that need to be fitted, any appliances that sit side by side without a base unit between them also require an end panel between them.

All appliances and surface mounted sinks, hobs and taps will need to be removed as well. You need to check that any units underneath are rigid, secure and level using a 2-meter-long spirit level.

Are you getting a backsplash?

When having a quartz splashback please ensure that all wall units, extractors are fitted and that all plug socket fascia have been removed. Please ensure that the power is turned off, or that the wires are safely capped.

Have you removed your temporary worktops?

If your kitchen has temporary worktops now, these will need to be removed prior to our surveyor arriving.

Have you removed the kickboards?

Any kickboards, plinths and architraves will need to be taken off before templating and these will be fitted after the worktops are installed. Due to the weight of a quartz worktop your unit’s carcass may drop and you / your joiner will need to adjust the legs to bring them back level.

Are there batons in place for areas that need support?

Any areas without support will require a baton on the wall, this needs to be level with the top of the base unit and checked with a 2-meter-long spirit level. Any areas with a span over 600mm that has no front or back rail of a base unit will require a baton. This will support the worktops after installation.

Do you have a breakfast bar or does your island have overhangs?

Please ensure you have agreed the correct overhang you require on all sides for stools, seating areas etc with the surveyor. We can only go by what you advise on the day of templating and will cut to the sizes agreed on templating.

We do no cut to plans or initial measurements as these can change. This is the whole reason we come to template, to create the perfect worktop for your project.

What happens next?

After the completion of the templating appointment, all details discussed on the day will be considered final and cannot be changed without a second templating appointment and this will incur another call-out charge.

Once the templating is complete, our processing team will be in contact with you to confirm the final specification, measurements, colours and costing.

Quick Guide

To help us get the templating complete within an hour, we ask our wonderful customers to make sure a few bits of housekeeping are done before we arrive on-site.

  • The sink needs to be disconnected
  • The hob needs to be disconnected
  • The area should be clear of any clutter
  • If there are old or temporary worktops, these need to be removed
  • If there are old or temporary window sills, these need to be removed
  • Have the range or AGA in place

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