Our Mason Quartz Collections

An image of a full slab of Mason Quartz Ashford Grey An image of a full slab of Mason Quartz Ashford Grey

Ashford Grey

The inspiration for this design and colour comes from the weathered stone walls of the walled garden at Ashford Castle at Cong, County Mayo, Ireland.  As stone experts, we always strive to develop natural colours taken from our surroundings and there is an adundance of karst landscapes in this beautiful green island.  

This type of landscape is formed when water dissolves and erodes soft rock like limestone and leaves behind fascinating natural wonders like the Ailwee Cave at Ballycahill, Ballyvaughan, County Clare and the tall, steep rock faces of the cliffs of Moher near Lahinch, County Clare.

The rock itself may be worn away from the surface by rainwater, or it may be eroded from the inside.  This interaction between stone and rain creates unique patterns and Ashford Grey is our understanding of this natural process brought into a quartz surface for your kitchen worktop.

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